Metallic Braces

These are the most common type of braces, and these are the one that comes to mind when you think about braces. As the treatment progressed the braces have become smaller and less noticeable. Advances like heat-activated archwires use your body to move your teeth faster and more accurate, with less and less pain.

These braces are affordable if we compared them to lingual or clear aligner braces. Their effectiveness has never been less. These can be customized with different color bands which is attractive for kids. Bissan have always been providing cost effective metallic braces to patients. You can see lot of successful cases in our before and after gallery.

Dental braces

Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces are much like Metallic braces but rather than using the metal brackets these use ceramic braces which blends with the natural color of the teeth. There is also clear bracket available for these braces and which make them very less noticeable. With the combination of tooth colored wires you can have virtually invisible braces working as efficient as metallic braces.

We at Bissan provides you these braces and you can also check the success stories though before and after galleries. Clear Braces or Ceramic braces from Bissan are great way to improve your smile. We have highly experienced, foreign qualified Doctors in Bissan whom are ready to help you with your cases.

Before and After Gallery


  • Effective
    Highly Effective for Teeth Alignment
  • Cost Effective
    Cost Effective than other Braces
  • Color Bands
    Customized to Match a personal preference e.g. clear or color bands
  • Complicated Cases
    Work with complicated cases
  • Faster
    Faster than other options in many cases

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