In Bissan Dental Center we try to use most effective modern technology. Our Doctors are always updating themselves with latest technological and effective treatment certifications. That is why our clinic can provide you with best Lingual orthodontic treatment. We use these two system to effecitevly treat the patiets.

  • Ebrace Lingual Orthodontic System
  • Incognito Lingual Orthodontic System

Ebrace Lingual Orthodontics:

ebrace_logoeBrace Lingual Bracket system in invisible, comfortable, and high efficient. Proper using could guarantee stable and reliable result. eBrace is fully computerized and could overcome the shortcomings of traditional bracket.

eBrace customized lingual bracket system is mainly composed by customized brackets and customized arch wires. eBrace is completely invisible and could best improved patient comfort. A set of customized arch wires were afforded to make the orthodontic treatment more simplified.


eBrace is specially designed only for your teeth, means the base is a perfect fit to your teeth surface which results the teeth move to ideal position according to your doctor’s plan. So without the problem of pronunciation.

eBrace customised lingual brackets were installed inside the patient’s teeth surface, so does not affect the patient’s daily activities, moreover the patient smile freely in the treatment

Incognito Lingual Braces by 3M:


Incognito are mostly demanded by people who are seeking treatment using lingual braces. These braces are customized according to the patient case. They are hidden braces and are completely invisible so you can through every day of your life, without any embarrassment. Incognito Braces are also a smart way of aligning your teeth. You can change your smile using incognito Braces whether it’s personal reason or aesthetic, you will find incognito very effective solution.

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  • Invisible
    Completely Invisible From Front
  • Always On
    Always On and Always Perfecting the Smile
  • 100% Customized
    100% Customized according to Patients Smile
  • Optimized
    Optimized for Comfort and Efficiency
  • No Embarrassment
    Smile without care, no wires are visible from front

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